'Misfits' Season 3 On Hulu: Iwan Rheon And Lauren Socha Talk Series 3 (VIDEO)

The wait is finally over for U.S. fans of the hit U.K. series "Misfits." The popular raunchy sci-fi teen dramedy is returning exclusively to Hulu for Season 3. As sad as we are to see Nathan (Robert Sheehan) go, we have to admit, actor Joe Gilgun, who steps into the new role of Rudy, looks pretty good in that orange jumpsuit.

The E4 hit follows a group of young offenders forced to work in a community service program, where they acquire supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm, but being a superhero isn't as easy as it looks, especially when something always seems to go awry for the group.

Even though we’ll miss the hysterically obscene Nathan, his replacement is equally as entertaining, according to stars Iwan Rheon and Lauren Socha. "Joe Gilgun is brilliant," Socha told HuffPost TV in a phone interview. "Me and Joe, we live together. We're like brother and sister or more like a married couple, although, we don't have sex. Honestly. He's a male version of me. It's absolutely brilliant."

Gilgun, best know for his role as Woody in "This is England," will play Rudy in the upcoming third series, who will be a central character in Nathan's absence. Think of him as one part raunchy Nathan and one part painfully shy Simon circa Season 1.

"Misfits" stars Iwan Rheon, who plays Simon, and BAFTA winner Lauren Socha, who plays tough chav Kelly, gave HuffPost TV the scoop on the series' "insane" third season. Here are five reasons you won't want to miss the upcoming season of "Misfits."

1. Everyone has new powers, which cause some new growing pains for our young offenders.

Lauren Socha: Kelly's new power is really wicked. I was a bit shocked when I read it. It didn't come off as being the best thing for her. It's funny though, because you would never imagine Kelly to have a power like that, so it kind of changes things for her. She doesn't use it as much as she did when she was a mind reader. But it comes in handy a lot, especially with her current boyfriend. His car breaks down, and she knows how to fix it. It's more fun and games, really. It's not a serious power, but it's obviously needed.

Iwan Rheon: We were all thinking about what they would be. It's all up to the writers, but the new powers do connect to the story, not quite in the same way, but they do relate to the overall story. I think the most interesting thing about playing this character is to see how Simon's developed, especially in Series 2. To get to do all of that in one character is amazing. It's been a very interesting learning process for me as well, trying to be as good as the people that I look up to.

2. Simon and Alisha are TV's hottest new superpower couple.

IR: Simon's come a long way. He came from being the guy that could barely put a sentence together to having this huge destiny to fulfill by the end of Series 2, and he's going out with Alisha, and they're in love. He can't believe it. Having that kind of connection and relationship does build your confidence, so I think that's a massive part of why he's coming out of his shell.

It's kind of like any other relationship. There are going to be a lot of ups and downs, but they've got this huge burden of knowing this future that Alisha has seen and Simon's heard about from her. Their relationship has developed from this really weird scenario, so there's a huge burden there. Simon has to go back in time again, but is he going to have to die again? It's a huge omen over their relationship, but they love each other so much. It's heartbreaking in a way.

3. Kelly gets a new beau!

LS: It's brilliant! Her relationship with Seth shows a different side of Kelly. She's softer in a way. It's more like an upside-down relationship now. It's very much a roller coaster ride for the both of them. He's a bit dickish, and she has no self-resect, but in the end, he finally admits that he loves her. They're happy, and that's nice ... for a change.

4. Nathan, who? It's all about Rudy.

LS: To put it this way, "Misfits" is currently on in England and the U.K., and we've got more viewers now than we did in any of the previous series. Obviously, Nathan leaving was like a big shock, but [creator] Howard Overman is a clever man, and he's not going to write another Nathan. Joseph Gilgun portrays Rudy's character extremely well. Nathan is definitely missed, but people move on. It's only television. Kelly and Rudy have quite a banter going on. That's an English term, banter. [Laughs] They get annoyed with each other, but she gets annoyed with everyone, doesn't she?

IR: It's very different, what he's done. It's almost impossible to replace Robert Sheehan and how good he is, but Joe's come in and done a different kind of job, but it's the same sort of archetypal character. We're all really proud of him. [Laughs] I was relieved when I heard who had been cast as the new character. When I heard it was him,I was over the moon. Simon has become a lot more confident. He kind of brushes Rudy aside at first, which makes for a different kind of comedy because they're both complete opposites in terms of personality, Together, they make for one very interesting act, kind of like a comedy duo. Simon just can't believe the situation he's in going around with this crazy guy. That's what it's like hanging out with Joe anyway. [Laughs]

5. Superhoodie returns! And so do the Nazis.

LS: Superhoodie is still ongoing. He's already established himself in the first two series, but now, we sort of realize the extent of Simon's decisions. With "Misfits," nothing ever happens the way you think it will. Anything can go wrong. I don't want to give too much away, but it's absolutely brilliant what happens.

IR: The zombie cheerleaders and Nazis are coming. It's all going to go mental, and then you have a brilliant new character in Rudy to keep people entertained.

Season 3 of "Misfits" will premiere Dec. 19 on Hulu with all new episodes every Monday. Watch an exclusive clip from the season below.