'Misfits' Series 3 Promo: Joe Gilgun Joins 'Misfits' As Rudy (VIDEO)


As sad as we are to see Nathan (Robert Sheehan) go, we have to admit, actor Joe Gilgun looks pretty good in that orange jumpsuit.

For those of you (like us!) who became addicted to the E4 show "Misfits" when Hulu made the first two series available to stream in the U.S., then we have some good news to share: Series 3-- or season 3, for U.S. fans -- is almost here! Well, not for the U.S., unfortunately.

The E4 hit follows a group of young offenders forced to work in a community service program, where they acquire supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm. Yeah, it's that awesome. Recently, fan favorite Robert Sheehan, who played the lovably obscene Nathan, left the series to focus on his budding movie career. But don't worry "Misfits" fans -- his replacement is pretty awesome. Actor Joe Gilgun, best know for his role as Woody in "This is England," will play Rudy in the upcoming third series. Rudy will be a central character in Nathan's absence, and here's hoping that he and our favorite chav from up north, Kelly, will share a few romantic scenes -- because those two, together, would be awesome.

Series 3 of "Misfits" premieres on E4 in November. Meanwhile, for us U.S. fans, there's no further word on when the series will premiere on Hulu.


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