You Might Have Misheard This Lyric In Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next'

Who's Aubrey?

Ariana Grande’s new hit single about her exes left a lot of listeners saying “Thank U, what?” the first the time they heard it.

In the song “Thank U, Next,” which was released over the weekend, the singer talks about the people she’s dated in her past: rapper Big Sean, backup dancer Ricky Alvarez, the late Mac Miller and her ex-fiancé, “SNL” comedian Pete Davidson.

But she also made a mention of a new love that left many fans confused:

“I met someone else / We havin’ better discussions / I know they say I move on too fast / But this one gon’ last / ’Cause her name is Ari / And I’m so good with that.”

While Grande was referencing the “someone else” as herself, Ari, many people misheard the lyric as “Aubrey.”

Twitter erupted over the supposed name drop:

Things got even more confusing when Apple Music listed the lyrics as “Aubrey” instead of “Ari.”

Grande tweeted at the company to tweak the name and thanked Spotify, another music streaming service, for getting the lyrics right the first time.

Once Apple fixed the lyrics, Ari was quick to commend them and apologize to Aubrey with a simple “sorry.”

We’re all about some self-love. The rest of the lyrics praise the singer for all that she’s been through ― in love and life ― over the past few years.

“She taught me love / She taught me patience / How she handles pain / That shit’s amazing / I’ve loved and I’ve lost / But that’s not what I see / ’Cause look what I’ve found / Ain’t no need for searching.”

But in time, maybe we’ll see a Drake — aka Aubrey Graham — and Ariana Grande collaboration come from this?

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