Spring Fashion 2016: Mismatch Your Stuff On Purpose With Style

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I am beyond thrilled that mixing and matching patterns and prints and colors is now cool. I love that look -- crazy mixed up styling. As one who often loses a sock or three -- I now wear one pink and one orange sock and strut my stride with my jeans and walking shoes -- I love the look. I also love tying on a bright pink bandana with an orange sweater.

So BA50's permission granted! Mismatching is in style. When you are digging through your closet -- don't be afraid to mix and match some of your stuff -- it's been deemed "fashionable" by the "fashionistas."

Here are some fun ideas.

Mismatched fun for morning walks on the way to yoga.


These models look young but they're wearing "our stuff."


They even have a site to buy mix matched socks -- but why bother -- just put your "lost socks" together and you've got a pair.

Marie Claire's Spring Fashion Features This Striped long look that is a bit PJ's meet fashion -- you like?


Upbeat summer look with these stripes and Polkadot handbags from Pmikaki Spring Summer Collection 2016.

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