Misogyny and Politics are Strange Bedfellows

Have you ever seen something that made you say, "Well, now I've seen it all."?

That phrase runs through my head every time I see women supporting Drumpf.

Have that many women completely lost their self-esteem? Do they really believe we should be treated as second-class citizens? Isn't it bad enough we still have to fight to get equal pay for equal work? It certainly won't happen with a Drumpf for president, or any Republican, for that matter. Not even Kasich.

When I see women at Drumpf rallies I often believe they are there because their 'man' made them. They flat out told them they had to go and they WILL vote for Drumpf.

But, when some of the women are interviewed at the rallies they seem to honestly believe he is a good guy. He's not. They're brainwashed.

Drumpf is the most misogynistic candidate to ever run for the highest office in our land, in my memory. I've lived through many presidential campaigns and never in my life have I seen such blatant disrespect for women.

He only cares about himself. There has to be a degree of narcissism to run for President of the U.S. but, be honest, he is the poster boy for narcissism. And, it's sad.

I want a leader who cares about others and respects your opinion. Not a schoolyard bully who wants to go home every time someone exposes his true colors.

Can you imagine him working with Angela Merkel? I have to believe she would be quite a match for his thin-skinned narcissism.

Cruz is falling, as I suspected he would. There will never be a majority in this country wanting to change our government to a theocracy. And, he is as misogynistic as Drumpf, but a bit more subtle. He's crazy.

Kasich seems the only sane one in the GOP group but, beware...he's not a big supporter of women's rights. He's not as misogynistic but he does want to control our bodies.

When Viagra is controlled like birth control pills we'll talk. I heard a congresswoman wants to pass that into law. I can't find who it is, but I am with her 100%. If you know, please leave it in the comments.

Don't take this rant as full-fledged support for Hillary. I like her and I believe she will probably win, but nothing is certain this political season. Nothing.

Bernie. Well, he had me for a while. He hasn't managed to explain how he's going to run his revolution, in a way that makes me feel the Bern anymore. I was energized at the thought of so many millennials jumping on the political bandwagon. We need them. But they aren't seeing the big picture. Not voting if Bernie doesn't get the nomination is a non-starter for me, and he hasn't expressed the importance of that to the kids, yet. He should.

A woman voting for Drumpf would be like voting for George Wallace in 1968 if you were a person of color.

Women, you know we are better and smarter than that.

Go on, add your thoughts in the comments. If you are a woman and feel Drumpf would be a good choice, PLEASE explain to me why.