Extra Annoyed By Chewing Sounds? You May Be A Creative Genius

Win some, lose some.

If the sound of someone chewing or slurping makes you want to crawl inside a hole, you may have a diagnosable condition called misophonia, or a heightened sensitivity to certain noises.

While joining the unlucky 20 percent of people who have this condition may be irksome, there's some good news associated with the disorder. Researchers from Northwestern University found that those who are hypersensitive to particular sounds tend to be more creative than those who are not. The study showed that the more affected people were by sounds, the higher the likelihood they'd score well on tests gauging creativity.

The next time you're seated next to a chicken noodle slurper, take a deep breath and give yourself a loving pat on the back. Creative geniuses don't have it easy, but they can persevere through annoying mouth sounds. Learn some tips for powering through in the video above.

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