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Miss America Beauty Secrets: Butt Glue And Lots Of Tape (VIDEO)

Wait, what?

When the Miss America contestants walk out onto the stage this Saturday night, we imagine they'll look just about perfect: gleaming teeth, glossy hair, flawless skin, the whole nine yards. But what goes into creating the pageant-perfect facade?

Butt glue. And a Home Depot's worth of tape, of both the Scotch and duct variety.

This year's Miss America hopefuls cheerfully admitted these secret weapons and more in a behind-the-scenes video series for Live Well Network called "Miss America: Secrets Revealed." Talking backstage, Miss Alabama reveals that Scotch tape is perfect for removing unwanted eyeshadow; Miss Virgin Islands swears by flexi rods over a traditional curling iron; and Miss Arizona teases, "I like to incorporate duct tape into a lot of my activities for Miss America."

But tape is for wusses. Miss West Virginia knows that for a serious competitor, butt glue is where it's at. "I know a trick to actually pull up your behind," the Southern belle tells Live Well Network's Rebecca Spera. "There's a way to tuck it in your bathing suit so everything's all nice and firm." Applying the butt glue, she says, is an art.

Witness it all in the video below and watch all those secret weapons (and more, we bet) at work at the 92nd annual Miss America pageant, airing Saturday at 9:00pm EST on ABC.

See last year's big winner:

Miss America 2012

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