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Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell: I Was Sabotaged At Miss Universe Competition

Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell claims that she was backstabbed at the Miss Universe competition, with another contestant lining her national dress with pins, the Herald Sun reports. The frock in question--made from a bathing suit and a flamenco dress, worn with high-heeled Uggs and meant to represent her country--was widely mocked before the pageant and Campbell found that the night of, after she put it on, "I felt these sharp pains when something stuck into my back. I took the top off and found all these pins had been stuck into it."

She said she didn't have any serious injuries and that although the "sabotage was a bit harsh," "you have to laugh at these things and not take it too seriously and it did give me a story to tell when I got home." Campbell isn't sure who was responsible for the misdeed, but remarked that the contestants from Mexico, Central and South American countries and the Philippines were notably aggressive. In another Herald Sun article, Campbell said, "Winning is so important for those girls because they become queens and are worshipped if they win, and it changes everything forever for them." Miss Mexico ended up winning the crown and Miss Philippines was said to have blown it during the Q&A portion of the program. Campbell came in third. She said she knows who didn't do it--the lovely ladies of Ireland, Belgium, Britain and Guam, who she all cited as her best friends.

Campbell told that she's doesn't want to enter another beauty pageant and she'd like to pursue charity work. She recently scored a gig as an entertainment reporter for Australia Channel 7's "The Morning Show."