Miss California: I Pray For And Feel Sorry For Perez Hilton (VIDEO)

Miss California Carrie Prejean says she prays for Miss USA judge blogger Perez Hilton.

On MSNBC's 9 AM hour Tuesday, the beauty contestant, who may have won had it none been for her answer to Hilton's question about gay marriage, also said she's sorry for him.

After Tamron Hall played a clip of Perez defending his remarks that Prejean is "a bitch" and "the c word," she asked Miss California what she thought of his attacks.

"I can only say to him that I will be praying for him. I feel sorry for him, I really do," Prejean said. "I think he's angry, I think he's hurt. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. He asked me specifically what my opinion was on that subject and I gave him an honest answer."

She also said she has been surprised at the support she has gotten since Sunday's Miss USA pageant and the lack of hate she has received.