Miss Colorado Brilliantly Explains Why You Are Not 'Just' A Nurse

"You have changed my life, because you have cared about me."

Nurses play a critical role in any patient's life ... but sometimes, even they forget just how important they are.

Kelley Johnson, also known as Miss Colorado, is no stranger to that feeling.

The 22-year-old Miss America contestant skipped the traditional song-and-dance routine earlier this week and instead spoke openly about a turning point in her career as a nurse during the talent portion of the Miss America pageant.

She explained her friendship with a patient named Joe who, during his struggle with Alzheimer's, reminded her that even though she couldn't cure his disease, she was still a key influence in his healing process.

"Joe reminded me that day that I'm a lifesaver," she told the crowd. "I'm never going to be just a nurse."

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