Here's How You Can Help This Biopic About A Trans Stonewall Legend

Do you know the story of Miss Major?

A highly anticipated queer film is finally ready to make its debut -- but it needs your help to make this possible.

Two and a half years ago we brought you an interview with Annalise Ophelian and StormMigurl Florez, two filmmakers engaged in a project called "MAJOR!" which examines the life and legacy of Miss Major, a trans legend who was present the night of the Stonewall Rebellion.

"Miss Major has rallied in front of government officials and spoken around the world, but her most enduring legacy has been uniquely personal," Florez previously told The Huffington Post. "She’s been the emergency phone call, the helping hand, and the surrogate mother to an entire community of transgender women whom she’s supported, mentored, and helped mold into the next generation of community leaders.”

Now that "MAJOR!" is ready for the world, the filmmakers are crowdsourcing funds to pay for the final costs of post-production. Head here to visit the GoFundMe page or here to read the full interview with Ophelian and Florex.



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