Miss New York Nina Davuluri Misses Her Cue, Wins Anyway (VIDEO)

WATCH: Miss New York Misses Her Cue, Wins Anyway

Miss New York Nina Davuluri apparently got a bit confused on Sunday night, but that didn't keep her from winning the Miss America contest in Atlantic City.

During the talent portion of the show, Davuluri distractedly applauded for herself when her name was called.

"Next up for talent is Miss New York," host Lara Spencer announced. Davuluri continued applauding, so another contestant hopped up and ran forward instead.

Spencer again declared, "Miss New York, you are up... Miss New York, you are up!"

Despite missing her cue, many viewers felt she made up for it with her Bollywood routine. And sure enough, at the end of the competition, Davuluri took top honors and won the crown.

Miss America contestants this year ranged from a tattooed Army sergeant to a woman born without part of her arm.

Here's how the rest of the show went down:

Nina Davuluri

Miss America 2014

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