Miss Piggy Shows Kermit What He's Missing In Adele 'Hello' Parody

She called 1,000 times, OK?

In August 2015, longtime couple Miss Piggy and Kermit announced they were breaking up in one of the biggest celebrity splits of the year.

The ex-couple have remained amicable throughout their split, appearing together on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to air their grievances in September. But on Sunday night, the two teamed up once again for one of the funniest skits during the American Music Awards.

In what is apparently a commercial for the upcoming series "The Muppets," Miss Piggy perfectly parodies Adele's video for "Hello." The color scheme, the meaningful looks -- Miss Piggy is EVERYTHING. Just wait until you get to the part with the leaves.

Kermit, she's sorry, okay?

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