Miss Piggy Sings A Lauryn Hill Classic In This Glorious New Mashup

Respect is just the minimum for this wonderful parody.

You’d better watch out for Miss Piggy singing Lauryn Hill’sDoo-Wop (That Thing).”

The Muppet Show” diva performs the former Fugees star’s 1998 smash hit in Adam Schleichkorn’s latest masterpiece.

“The most frequent request I’ve seen in the comment section is a mashup with a female lead, so I’ve been planning this one for a while now,” Schleichkorn, a.k.a. Mylo the Cat, wrote in a YouTube post on his “isthishowyougoviral“ channel on Wednesday.

“Anyway, I understand that my channel name is isthishowyougoviral, but if this doesn’t go viral, it’s seriously all good,” he added. “With all the nonsense going on in the world today, these videos are meant for a two-minute escape and smile, that’s it.”

Check it out in the clip above, and see how it compares to Hill’s original video below:

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