Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe, Supports Medical Marijuana And Gun Control (VIDEO)

Newly crowned Miss Universe Olivia Culpo joined HuffPost Live Thursday, one day after she became the eighth Miss USA to win the competition. The 20-year-old beauty queen told host Mike Sacks what it was like to win and weighed in on feminism, gun control, and medical marijuana.

HuffPost Live producer Mitchell Williams asked Culpo about where she stood on legal marijuana and whether or not she had ever smoked pot. While she didn't reveal whether she had used the drug, she did have this to say: "I don't think it should be legalized for recreational purposes, because it's been proven to prevent people from their full potentional and I don't think that's a good thing for society. If we're trying to move things forward, a drug like marijuana does the opposite, it will slow things down. But for medical purposes I think it's great, but for everyday? No."

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