Miss USA Promo Photos: Too Hot Or Just Right? (VIDEO, PHOTOS, POLL)

Miss USA Promo Photos: Too Hot Or Just Right? (PHOTOS, POLL)

And former Miss USA Tara Conner, who admitted to drug and alcohol abuse in 2006, said she doesn't know why "everyone has their panties in a wad.


And the president of the Miss Universe pageant spoke to the "Early Show," revealing that the Miss USA pageant was founded by a swimsuit company.


May 10th:

The recently-released promo photos for next weekend's Miss USA Pageant have come under fire for being way too hot. The contestants posed in beds or perched on sofas while wearing lingerie or unbuttoned men's shirts, fishnets and stilettos.

FOXNews is wondering if these pictures are any racier than the images that got Miss California Carrie Prejean in trouble last year.

A representative for the pageant told Pop Tarts, "We work with an amazing photographer who we really consider to be more of an artist, we trust his creative and professional instinct....The final results of the photos speak for themselves. The photos are hot, yet tasteful."

Paula Miles, the state director for South Carolina, North Carolina and Louisiana, said two of the contestants called her after they arrived at the photo shoot:

"They happened to have gone up in the room and they saw what was taking place, and they called concerned, and my best advice to them was just to not compromise yourself," Miles told Pop Tarts. "They made sure their breasts were covered and that they weren't in provocative attire. They knew that their family was going to see these. They were concerned, knowing that they had to participate in order to be competitive."

Check out the photos (via TMZ) and let us know which are too steamy for the pageant.

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