Heavily Altered Miss World Philippines Photos Are Causing A Stir Because Photoshop

Heavily Altered Miss World Philippines Photos Causing Stir Because Photoshop

Photoshop fails have removed body parts and warped celebrities' faces. And while there are models who are OK with the idea of having their images retouched, the truth is that every time one happens, we are reminded just how far some brands will go to create an unrealistic standard of beauty.

Now, it looks like even women who compete using their good looks aren't safe from the dangers of photoshop.

Twenty-six contestant portraits of the Miss World Philippines Pageant have been released on Yahoo Philippines, and from the looks of the photos, the beautiful women appear to have been retouched in a pretty extreme way.

And even though Peta Pixel, a photography blog where the photos are posted, poses the question of whether or not there are cultural differences at play when it comes to photoshopping images, commenters seem to be outraged over the over-editing done to the photos. Head to Yahoo Philippines to see the all the portraits.

H/T Cosmopolitan

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