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Missey The Cat Avoids Anti-Freeze Poisoning By Getting Drunk

A four-month-old black cat who was doused with anti-freeze got a treatment that was more like a treat: half a liter of vodka.

The antifreeze incident happened last week outside of Missey's home in Redcar, Yorkshire, U.K., when a group of thugs attacked the kitten.

At first, her owners -- Paul Stephenson, 47 and his 27-year-old daughter Sara -- thought Missey had been doused with water, but rushed her to the vet the next day when she appeared to be seriously ill, according to the Daily Mail.

Veterinarian Andrew Miller immediately put Missey on a vodka drip as a way to help rid her body of the poisonous anti-freeze.

"It is the ethanol used in this particular spirit which helps," he said, according to the Metro. "Anti-freeze is extremely toxic to animal’s kidneys, and we specifically use vodka because the ethanol in it neutralizes the substance in the poison."

Sara admits her cat was a different animal entirely when soused.

"Missey was totally blind drunk. She was treated over the course of two days and got through half a liter bottle of 37.9 percent vodka," she said, according to the Mirror. "She was trying to get up, but toppled over. Her eyes were out of focus and when we took her home in a carry basket, her mouth has pressed up against the wire so it looked as though she had her teeth bared.

"At one point she was lying down trying to swipe at a pen and she just kept missing it, she was that out of it. It was totally mad."

Despite that, Missey responded to the vodka therapy and doctors hope she makes a full recovery, the New York Daily News reports.

Please don't ever try to give alcohol to your pet yourself, though. If you suspect that your pet has been poisoned, take him or her to a veterinarian immediately.

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