MISSING: Latinos on American Award Telecasts

Juanes performed at the 2015 Grammy Awards. And, get this -- he sang in Spanish! While many were excited, I couldn't help but wonder: Why is it so exciting?

Around the same time that Beyonce was added to the performance list that already included artists like ACDC, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Tom Jones and Pharrell Williams, Juanes was just another name added. So what made him so special?

For one thing, Juanes was the first breath of "Latino" air on the American Grammy telecast in almost 10 years. It was on the 47th annual Grammy Awards where Jennifer Lopez and March Anthony performed "Escapémonos" (also in Spanish).

And it seems like Latinos and major network awards telecasts are a rare thing now-a-days. It was on the 2014 American Music Awards that Pitbull raised red flags for being a Latino hosting the "American" Music Awards. Hosting a second year in a row, he joked, "ABC found out last year that when I spoke just three Spanish words, ratings went up 142 percent, so get ready for three hours of just subtitles!"

So, why can't major American award telecasts feature even more Latinos? Sound off below!