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This Laundry Room Sign Shows All Socks Are Just Looking For A Sole-Mate

Doing laundry itself is a chore, but nothing is more frustrating than losing that one darn sock. You could've sworn you saw it go in the dryer.

Redditor Sn34kyMofo shared a sign on Sunday that accurately expresses the hassle of losing a sock, and we're pretty sure everyone needs this hanging in their laundry room:

We hate to see a sock going sole-o.

Countless experts have attempted to find out just why we lose socks (and where they go), but it's still a mystery. There's actually no connection between DNA and carelessness, and it turns out most of us actually gain socks when doing laundry.

But if you're looking for a real solution to that lost sock problem, we suggest using a bread tag to clip socks together, checking under the bed for any strays, and searching washed T-shirts, pants and duvet covers to see if any slipped inside.

H/T Reddit

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