Teen Girl Reported Missing Is Found Strangled In Chicago Apartment

Amarise Parker's mother said she had picked up her daughter near the building where the girl would be found dead that night.

A 15-year-old girl was found strangled to death inside a Chicago apartment on Tuesday night after she had been reported missing at least twice since late summer.

Amarise Parker was found dead in the building where the girl’s boyfriend lived, her mother, Yahanna Clark, said at a news conference on Thursday.

The boyfriend’s name and age have not been released, but Clark described him as a “young man” who knew that her daughter was underage.

A photo of Amarise Parker was posted on her mother's Facebook page.
A photo of Amarise Parker was posted on her mother's Facebook page.
Yahanna Clark Facebook

Chicago police told local news station WFLD that no one was in custody as of Friday and that the investigation is continuing.

According to a now-deleted missing persons report cited by the Chicago Sun-Times, Parker was first reported missing on Aug. 31 after leaving her home. Clark said her daughter came back the next day, but then on Nov. 26, she was reported missing again.

Parker reached out to her mother on Tuesday, wanting to come home and asked to be picked up, giving the address of a South Shore apartment, according to Clark.

Clark told reporters she picked up her daughter outside of the building but the girl went off on her own again.

Police told WFLD that Parker’s body was found in the building at 7:24 p.m. Tuesday and that coroners determined the cause of death was a combination of asphyxiation and strangulation.

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