Teens Missing For 6 Months Send Video With Custody Demands

Brian says he has been living a parent's worst nightmare since July 2014, when his teenage daughters, Sydney, 15, and Danielle, 14, vanished while visiting their mother, Michelle, for the summer. Two weeks later, Michelle also disappeared. Brian, who was granted full legal custody of the girls, says he believes his ex-wife is hiding them.

"I am absolutely convinced Michelle and her family know where the girls are," Brian says. "They are responsible for their disappearance," an allegation her family denies.

Brian's oldest daughter, Brittany, 19, says she believes her sisters ran away so they wouldn't have to live with their dad, who she claims is overbearing, controlling and abusive. "I thought it was normal to be afraid of my dad," says Brittany, who hasn't seen her father in a year. "It was like living with a ticking time bomb."

No one has seen Sydney or Danielle since July 9, 2014, but a few videos of the teens have surfaced. Dr. Phil tells Brian that a new video of the teens was received by the Dr. Phil show. Watch it above, and see Brian's reaction.

On his show, Dr. Phil looks back at what the court reports say about Brian and Michelle during the custody dispute. Could that offer any clues into the teens' disappearance? Click here to see more.



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