Wallaby Still Missing From Hartpury College After Supposed School Prank

According to the BBC, Hartpury College is still missing one of three wallabies that fled their shared habitat in June.

The college, located just north of Gloucester in the United Kingdom, hosts the marsupials for its courses on animal care, and during a weekend over a month ago, they went mysteriously missing mere days after moving in. Since then, two of the wallabies were located and captured.

Vice Principal of Hartpury College Luke Rake told the Press Association that when the wallabies were brought to the school on June 1, they were placed in a temporary enclosure that was left open. While Rake told media outlets that school officials didn't know how the wallabies escaped, he suspects a student prank over a malicious act.

"We caught the two females within a short space of time," Rake said to the Press Association, "but the male has been extremely elusive."

On Tuesday, there were several sightings of the escaped wallaby on the A40, according to the BBC. The highway is just a few miles from the school, and drivers are being told to watch out.

"Due to the behaviour of wallabies who are active during twilight periods, and lie low during the day, sightings have been few and far between, but we have been acting on information as it comes in to try and recover him," added Rake in his comments to the Press Association. "He is in no immediate danger."

In the wild, wallabies eat insects, roots and grass. They are typically found hopping around Australia on their powerful hind legs in Australia.

The school's website boasts housing an extensive list of animals in a variety of sizes. Students are exposured to a number of different types of animals, including "reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates," "emus and llamas" and "indigenous and non-indigenous birds" and a "fully stocked aquatics room" complete with "tropical and coldwater fish."



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