Mission Impossible Director Brad Bird Said Tom Cruise 'Ruined' Him For Anyone Else

Most recently, there were a lot of sexy ladies clawing at the chance to work with Tom Cruise.

But before you say, Huh? remember, there was a time that the actor was, across the board, really well-liked.

Sure, there are a lot of years and a lot of bizarrely inappropriate talk show appearances since the days of "Jerry Maguire," but Cruise is still a very big celeb and with a very big following.

Including director Brad Bird, who worked with Cruise on the upcoming "Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol."

He told the Los Angeles Times, "He's ruined me for everyone else," says Bird, who makes his live-action directorial debut in December.

"I'm not going to understand after this point why any actor doesn't want to do all of their own stunts and hang off of a mile-high building. He truly loves the movies and the movie-making process, and he knows a ton about it but is incredibly polite and shows up on time and has done all of his homework."

See, Tom, You...complete him.