Mission Magazine Hosts Charitable Fundraiser for Inaugural Issue Supporting Women

It’s safe to say that no matter your political affiliation, we are living in very trying times where the support and empowerment of one another, especially women, has become a critical necessity. While the debate rages on in our countries legislative bodies, an intimate soiree was held to try and do something positive for women all of over. On Tuesday, Mission Magazine launched their first issue, aptly themed “Women Of Empowerment” at the cities iconic Top of The Standard.

Apart from the bevy of female power players that were in attendance to support the cause, Paddle 8 hosted an art auction which included works by everyone from Annie Liebovitz to Sophie Elgort. Guests including Ellen Von Unwerth, Camilla Staerk, Pippa Cohen, Leandra Medine, Donna D’Cruz, Michele Hicks, Sonja Nuttall, Tom Florio, RJ King, Laura Brown, Malcolm Carfrae, Maria Cornejo, Julie Gilhart, Ella Kingston danced the night away in support of the wonderful cause to sounds by one of New York’s most recognized DJ’s, Hannah Bronfman. It’s time like these where we can take solace in knowing that there are groups actively working and campaigning for the rights of women and people everywhere and that against all odds, hope for a brighter future remains alive.

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