Mission Wedding Planning: In Progress Towards Perfection

Getting hitched? Who is the lucky guy/girl? How and when did this happen? When is the special day coming? The news of people getting together and deciding to get married hovers relatives and friends like paparazzi. Not only the bride and groom, but everyone starts planning when they hear the good news. Either it is East or West; these questions remain the same everywhere. Though the difference in customs and traditions on both sides is maintained, wedding planning is a must.

One may think of flowers, a ring, a dress, and that special time when one takes a vow till eternity. But that is not all! A lot of hustle and bustle with all the hassle is obvious while planning the wedding. From the ring and the bridal dress to the reception ceremony, everything needs to be perfect. And that is what everyone dreams of, right? Everyone wants their wedding to be picture-perfect like those in the silver screen movies. To tell the truth, a prestigious and grandeur wedding makes moments last forever. But one’s dreams get shattered when they are walking down the aisle and see the car. Yes, it is that obsolete vehicle you will have to travel in. Your fairy tale wedding would have been complete with a luxury limousine waiting for you outside!

Planning a Wedding in East or West

Everyone remembers the grand weddings they have been to. Keeping the status quo in view, such weddings need months of planning beforehand. It is not always the magic wand that will make your wishes come true in a jiffy! Planning a wedding requires objectives like inviting guests and necessary arrangements. Guests need special attention during the whole event and need entertainment. The greater the arrangement and guest list, the greater planning one will need. While planning a wedding, most people want to make their status prominent. In West, it is not usually the case, but in Asian society, people are status conscious and spend a lump sum of money. The obsessive craving for social status makes people spend for a magnificent wedding ceremony. Some hire professional wedding planners to take care of all the necessary arrangements, which cost them a lot. Taking the matter into their hands, people in west save money by planning on their own.

It’s Late And The Guests Are Not Here Yet!

Everything goes according to the plan and you are waiting for the guests to show up. But seems like, everyone has been late and had a hard time traveling. Now you have anxious guests and the peaceful atmosphere has been ruined. Why not provide your guests with the luxury travel to reach the wedding in time and save your day? One may hire a bus or luxury limousine service to ease their guests’ distress. Not only the pomp and show but the travel arrangement is also a necessary part of the wedding plan. You may even lose the fear of your guests getting lost when you have acquired the limousine service.

Your Bling Bling Perfect Wedding

To make the wedding even more prestigious, one may hire a limousine for the special couple. Instead of a car breaking down time by time, you may give the limousine service a try. One may save their self from the travel stress and arrive at the destination. Since all the necessary arrangements are made and you have taken the plan into action, you can relax. All your guests are happy and have arrived in time; you can now take your vows without any hassle. You may walk down the aisle while the guests sit and stare in awe. You see that shining and luxurious limousine at your service and know that your wedding has now been the one you imagined!

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