Snorkeling Discovery Proves Something To Smile About

A Gulf of Mexico vacationer made an underwater find that turned another traveler's frown upside down.

There must have been something in the water.

A Mississippi man snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico this month discovered something another man lost in the waves earlier in the week: his teeth.

The snorkeler, Aaron Welborn, was vacationing in Gulf Shores, Alabama, as he does each year, according to Alabama news outlet WALA. He never expected such a toothsome undersea prize.

“As I stuck my head in the water, they were literally sitting there on the bottom, just smiling at me,” Welborn told the station.

He found a name inside the dentures and, after posting snaps of the teeth on Facebook, located the owner.

That would be Randy Williams, who got slammed in the head by a wave as he was swimming near the same spot during his vacation earlier in the week.

“I felt them when I went in the water and I had them in my hand for a second in the ocean and away they went,” Williams, who lives in Wisconsin, told WALA. He went home without his $2,000 dentures.

Welborn seized the opportunity to take some fun pictures with the dentures after finding them. You can go through his photo gallery, featuring selfies he took with his wife Blaire, here.

Then he boxed up the teeth and shipped them off to Williams, who lives 800 miles away.

Williams was delighted, and thankful, in a Facebook video showing him reinstalling the teeth that almost got away.

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