Mississippi State Pulls Off Ridiculous Win Against UConn, Ends 111-Game Winning Streak

"I'm over here like, dang, I just won the game."

They started as underdogs, but proved they’re truly Bulldogs. 

A 111-game winning streak was finally dismantled Saturday night when Mississippi State’s women’s Bulldogs beat the University of Connecticut Huskies on an epic buzzer-beater. 

MSU won 66-64, knocking the Huskies out of the NCAA tournament as the Bulldogs advance to the women’s championship game.

With only seconds left in overtime, point guard Morgan Williams fired a shot into the basket right as the buzzer sounded. The 5-foot-5 inch point guard was immediately tackled by her teammates in a Bulldog dog pile. 

“I was in shock; I’m still in shock,” William said at a postgame news conference, according to The New York Times. “I’m over here like, dang, I just won the game.” 

As an added bonus, here’s MSU’s Baseball team watching the last few seconds of the game. 

And here it is again, this time set to the “Titanic” theme. Congratulations, Bulldogs. 



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