Missoni For Target eBay Prices Hit $31,000

We knew people would go crazy for Missoni for Target, given all of the pre-debut hype around the collection. And we weren't surprised when fashion-hungry customers swarmed Target stores and crashed Target.com in pursuit of the zigzag-print wares.

But when the Missoni products started selling for $31,000 on eBay? That shocked even us.

CNN Money reports that among the Missoni for Target items currently reselling on Craigslist and eBay, a pair of rubber rainboots are currently listed for $31,000. The wellies, now sold out, originally retailed for $34.99.

The seller is Tammy Lyn of Tulsa, a mother who claims the sale (should anyone actually buy the ridiculously priced galoshes actually) will cover an entire year of her daughter's college tuition.

Lyn is not entirely unique -- by the afternoon of the collection's Tuesday debut, there were already over a thousand listings for Missoni for Target items on eBay selling for double the original retail value. The next day Margherita Missoni herself tweeted:

You guys! Very silly to buy #missonifortarget on ebay for 3 times the price!! For that money go out and get M Missoni!

We wonder what she thinks about $31,000 Missoni for Target boots.