Missouri Billboard Links Obama To Hitler, Socialism

Missouri Billboard Associates Obama With Hitler, Mao, Socialism

The idea of reminding highway travelers of the supposedly clear-cut connection between Obama and other savage socialist leaders has migrated south -- from Iowa to Missouri -- with a new billboard on Highway 71 that shows the President alongside ruthless dictators Adolph Hitler and Mao Tse-Tung.

"In troubled times, the fearful and naive are always drawn to charismatic radicals," the billboard reads, showing Obama as a symbol of "Democratic Socialism," Hitler as an agent of "National Socialism" and Mao as a purveyor of "Communist Socialism."

Last month an Iowa Tea Party group brewed controversy when they gathered funds to pay for a large advertisement showing President Obama between Hitler and Lenin. Similar classifications of socialist political ideologies were used on that billboard as well. The banner was later covered over after receiving heavy criticism from many members of the Tea Party group that had pushed for its posting.

The Missouri version of this advertisement is sponsored by www.francismarion.biz, a mysterious organization that describes itself as "that so-called group of 'Angry Americans'" and "the Minutemen of the 21st Century"

ABC News's Jake Tapper reports:

Marion was a South Carolinian who fought against the British and is considered one of the founders of guerilla warfare. Mel Gibson's character in the film "The Patriot" was modeled after Marion, called "the Swamp Fox."

FrancisMarion.biz's mission statement says "We can honestly say that, we (the 'Angry Americans') are tired of the socialist abuse of our kindness. Hence, it is our mission to identify those socialist leaders, allow them to face the scrutiny and humility of America and educate our citizenship on their distructive (sic) purpose and goals."

According the group's website, they also have a billboard in Kansas that accuses Obama of being a "LIAR" because the value added tax, an idea that the President has not endorsed but that has reportedly been discussed by his debt commission, "raises taxes on EVERYONE!!!"

For pictures of the Missouri billboard, click here.

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