Missouri City, Texas, To Impose 'Crash Tax' On Drivers

Texas City ToDrivers Who Cause Accidents

A Houston suburb plans to tax drivers up to $2,000 for getting into accidents.

Missouri City, Texas, will impose what's being called a "crash tax" on drivers that are at fault in accidents in order to pay for the cost of first responders, KHOU 11 reports. The fine will range from $500 to $2,000 depending on the severity of the crash.

Missouri City plans to bill insurance companies for the fine, according to KHOU 11, but some drivers are worried that insurance companies won't pay for it.

You can check out KHOU 11's full report here and in the video above.

Driving is not cheap. Car accidents cost the average American $1,522 per year, according to AAA. And car insurance premiums exceed $1,000 on many car models, according to MSN Money.

(Hat tip: the Daily Mail.)

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