Missouri Teacher Forced 6-Year-Old To Sit In Her Diarrhea

Lisa Skidmore, mother of a kindergarten student at Southwest School in Washburn, Mo., is outraged after her daughter's teacher forced her to wrap a trash bag around herself and sit in her own diarrhea, KY3-TV reports.

"They didn't even bother trying to clean her up or anything," Skidmore told the station. "She still had poop, diarrhea poop, coming out the back, up her front, down her legs."

The girl's father was almost too upset to talk about the incident, but said that he'd likely face criminal charges had he been the one to leave her sitting in her own mess like that.

According to the station, the class had been told to use the restroom before the testing period, so the teacher made the 6-year-old sit in the mess for the duration of the test and during the 20 minutes it took for her mother to drive to the school with a change of clothes.

With the girls' parents pushing to make sure this never happens at the school again, Superintendent Bob Walker told KY3 that district officials "regret what happened."

In March, Gonja Wolf, a high school art teacher in San Diego, was placed under investigation after a 14-year-old female student accused her of forcing her to urinate in a bucket inside the classroom instead of taking a bathroom break.

The girl filed a claim for damages to person or property, claiming the teacher made her do that in the presence of male classmates, and then empty the bucket in the classroom sink.

In January, a 7th grader at Klein ISD in Houston, Texas, claimed he was forced to urinate in a plastic bottle after his teacher refused to allow him to use the restroom.

Despite the student's testimony that he was denied a bathroom break, he still faced one month in "an alternative campus" as punishment, the Houston Chronicle reported.

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