Misspelled Food Names: The 11 Dishes GrubHub Users Get Wrong The Most

Alphabet spaghetti
Alphabet spaghetti

If you've ever seen the "Menu" category of Engrish.com, the "Stuff White People Like" post on menu typos or any of their peers in the vast universe of online writing dedicated to broadcasting poorly proofread menus, you already know that misspelled food words can be pretty hilarious.

But until recently, the hilarity was purely one-sided. Customers could laugh at restaurants with impunity without ever needing to prove that they could spell the names difficult dishes themselves -- because you order them aloud.

No longer! The search bar on online food delivery service GrubHub forces users to show their cards. The company provided The Huffington Post with data on misspelled dishes, in part to celebrate the Scripps National Spelling Bee currently underway. And the results are pretty funny. A couple popular dishes were misspelled a shockingly large percentage of the time. Click through below to see the 11 food words GrubHub users got wrong the most:

Most Misspelled Dishes On GrubHub