Misspelled Road Marking Tells British Drivers To 'Keep Claer'

Misspelled Road Marking Tells British Drivers To 'Keep Claer'

It is clear that someone in the British town of Kingswinford, West Midlands, doesn't know how to spell the word "clear."

Sadly, that person is also in charge of marking roads.

The local town council can't find the words to express how they feel after discovering that one of the road painters recently painted an instruction on a local street telling drivers to "keep claer" in large white letters, according to newstoday.co.uk.

However, 76-year-old Irene Willis, who lives near the misspelled road mark, had no problems spelling out her opinion.

“I can’t believe they could be so stupid –- a child could spell that," she said. “Their mistake will probably end up costing the taxpayer money as they will have to come back to do it again.”

Bill Chapman, 56, is a little more forgiving.

“It did make me laugh when I saw it because if you say it in a Black Country accent that’s pretty much how it is pronounced,” the Express reported.

Local councilman Patrick Harley, who is in charge of transporation issues, says he's had words for the the people responsible for the spelling error.

“The mistake will be corrected as soon as possible by the private contracting company at no extra cost to the council,” he said.

Nevertheless, misspelled road signs and markings like this one aren't completely without precedent in jolly old England.

Last June, workmen in West Yorkshire 'BUS SOTP' on a road while their counterparts in East London once spelled it "SUS STOP."

Elsewhere "bump" has been wrongly spelt as "BMUP" and "No Entry" has appeared as "NO ENTERT."

Check out this video to see other misspelled road signs:


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