Missy Elliot Surprises Her ‘Funky White Sister' For 'Work It' Duet On 'Ellen'

Mary Halsey’s reaction is just as 🔥 as her now-viral video.

Performing Missy Elliot’s “Work It” for 15 years really paid off for one shofar-loving woman from Rhode Island.

Self-proclaimed “funky white sister” Mary Halsey went on “Ellen” Thursday to perform her viral rendition of “Work It,” which gained steam online in August after Elliot tweeted Halsey’s hilarious performance.

Towards the end of Halsey’s performance, the 47-year-old hip-hop artist surprised her fan by strutting on to stage to sing the rest of her 2002 hit with her.

Halsey appeared stunned when Elliot walked on stage.


Halsey told Ellen DeGeneres she’s been singing “Work It” for 15 years, and explained that she came up with her now-famous nickname as a way to fill the space between when the song’s music starts and when Missy Elliott starts singing.

“Instead of it just being an empty time, I decided to fill it in. And of course, I am her funky white ― Missy’s funky white sister ― IN THE HOUSE!!!!!”

Halsey also revealed the identity of the woman dancing and eating in the background of her viral video.

Her name is Lyn, and Halsey had just met her that day.

Unfortunately, Lyn was not IN THE HOUSE when Halsey performed on “Ellen.”

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