Missy Robbins, A Voce Chef, Discusses What A Michelin Star Means (VIDEO)

American chefs and restaurant-lovers are always debating the value of Michelin stars -- do they matter? Don't they? The people in charge of the Michelin Guide (psst the apps for New York/Chicago/San Francisco are discounted to $0.99 from $4.99 until the end of the week) always say they do. Thus, the company created a short video with Missy Robbins, the chef of the upscale A Voce restaurants in New York, that discusses where the Michelin Guide fits within the fine dining community. If you thought that Michelin stars just magically appeared at any fine dining restaurant, the video below will dispel those assumptions.

What we liked best about the clip was hearing about Robbins' trajectory from picky eater to Michelin-starred chef. She describes the hard transition when she took over A Voce from chef Andrew Carmellini. "Andrew was a really respected New York chef; I was sort of a big no one," she explains.

Also, she offers a chef's perspective of what it is like to endure the "review period" from various critics. "There was someone, from somewhere, every day in that restaurant. So for 70 days straight, until the New York Times review came out, I worked," she says.