10 Biggest Mistakes Tourists Make In Hawaii

10 Biggest Mistakes Tourists Make In Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii? Well, you've already made one of the best decisions of your life. But just because you've got awesome taste in travel, doesn't mean you're immune to making a few mistakes once you get there.

From getting greedy to being a little too trusting, take a look at the biggest mistakes tourists make in Hawaii before heading west.

1. Spending all your time in Waikiki. There's a Hawaii outside of your hotel bar or the Kalakaua Cheesecake Factory.
waikiki resort

2. Touching sea turtles. Messing with these guys could result in a fine up to $2,000 or 30 days in jail.
sea turtle beach

3. Not bringing cash. There are no major banks on the islands and ATM fees are pretty killer.
cash beach

4. Crossing the street when the red hand is flashing. This isn't New York City, ladies and gentlemen -- jaywalking tickets are real and could cost you up to $130.
pedestrian dont walk

5. Pocketing a lava rock or some sand as a souvenir. It's incredibly bad luck to take either from the island.
sand in jar

6. Wearing your shoes inside your host's home. Though you may not always be required to remove your footwear, going through the motions is a sign of respect.
shoes by door

7. Assuming that just because the weather's nice and the people are friendly that you can leave your car door unlocked or your personal effects unattended at the beach. Though Hawaii is safer than many other U.S. cities, property crime accounts for about 92 percent of all crime.
beach theft

8. Honking. Nothing upsets the "driving with Aloha" mindset more. Keep it cool, throw up a shaka.

9. Getting too close to the coral. Cutting yourself could result in a serious staph infection if it is not cleaned properly.
surfer coral hawaii

10. Waving to the dolphins at a sea life park. Dudes, the beach (which is home to many a dolphin) is that'a way. Grab a kayak and a camera!

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