Mistakes Were Made

TMW11-30-05colorlowres copy.jpg

Two takes on a similar theme this week. The cartoon above, from November '05, is one of my own personal favorites. I don't think I've come up with a better expression of the sheer infuriating helplessness many of us have experienced over the past six years. These days, I feel like we're moving closer and closer to the final panel, as Congressional Republicans insist that any timetable for withdrawal will embolden the terrorists, and Rush Limbaugh declares repeatedly that Democrats will be the sole owners of defeat. In short, they're laying the groundwork to blame the entire mess on those of us who opposed it from the start -- and at the same time, they're still insisting that there is no cliff, that the streets of Baghdad are so safe that you can go for a pleasant evening stroll without a care in the world (as John McCain told Wolf Blitzer the other day).

These people are always, always wrong. But they deny it as long as they can, and when they can no longer deny it, they change the subject.

Which brings us to this, more recent piece ...

TMW03-21-07colorlowres copy.jpg

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