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Alida Knobloch, 3-Year-Old With Rare Lung Condition, Gets Therapy Dog To Help With Oxygen Tanks (VIDEO)

Three-year-old Alida Knobloch from Loganville, Ga., suffers from a rare lung condition known as neuroendocrine hyperplasia in infancy (NEHI), making it difficult for her to breathe on her own.

She needs supplemental oxygen and a heavy oxygen tank. All the time.

For a pint-sized little girl, lugging around an oxygen tank is no easy feat.

Thankfully, Alida is now getting some help from what her parents call a "four-legged lifeline", Fox News Atlanta reports.

Mister Gibbs, the Knoblochs' goldendoodle puppy, carries Alida's oxygen tanks on his back and has been trained to follow the girl everywhere she goes -- even down a playground slide.

"We want her to have the most normal childhood she possibly can," Alida's father told Fox News.

Despite the considerable challenges, Alida's family is committed to giving her some semblance of independence.

"She's my whole world. She's the whole reason I get up every morning," Alida's father said.

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