Mister Rogers' Advice For Children Of Divorce Is A Must-Watch (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mister Rogers' Amazing Advice For Children Of Divorce

No one gave better advice than the late Fred Rogers, whether he was helping kids come to terms with "scary things in the news" or simply highlighting the need to be yourself in this world.

On Sunday, Redditor jonscotch reminded us that Mister Rogers also touched on the subject of divorce on "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," his long-running show on PBS.

In the clip above, the neighborhood delivery man, Mr. McFeely, gets uncomfortable and abruptly leaves when Mister Rogers merely mentions that sometimes marriages end in divorce. But Mister Rogers explains that divorce isn't something to be afraid to talk about, before relaying an anecdote that was likely all too familiar to many of his young viewers.

"I know a little girl and a little boy whose mother and father got a divorce and those children cried and cried," he says. "Do you know why? Well, one reason was they thought it was all their fault -- but of course it wasn't their fault."

Watch the video above to hear Mister Rogers' great advice for children of divorce, then click through the slideshow below to see how eight kids responded when asked to illustrate life after their parents' divorce.

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