'Mister Romney's Neighborhood': Fallon Spoofs Romney's Promise To Cut PBS Funding (VIDEO)

Won't you be Mitt Romney's neighbor? Probably not. He's much, much wealthier than you are. But that doesn't mean the Republican candidate can't pretend to relate to you in his PBS series, Mister Romney's Neighborhood... at least until he cuts funding to PBS.

The show is chock-full of good information, too. After Mister Romney gets his shoes shined (like we all do at home), he pulls a funny-looking object out of his pocket and tells us all about it. "You see this. It's called a wallet. Inside of a wallet, that's where money goes. Now, do you know what money is? I'm guessing no, since you're watching public television."

This kind of seals Jimmy Fallon's Mitt Romney impression as our favorite.

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