Mistletoe Drones Are Weirdly Romantic (VIDEO)

Nothing quite brings the romance of the holidays alive like a drone -- seriously.

This mistletoe-wielding robot hovering above unsuspecting couples in San Francisco’s Union Square will make you forget everything unsettling about drones and have you reaching for someone to smooch.

Created by designer George Zisiadis and Mustafa Khan, the project was caught on camera and released in a video on Tuesday. Like some Cupid 4.0, the little guy had couples young and old leaning in to lay one on each other. Zisiadis hopes the reaction can show how such technology can be re-imagined.

"Drones have been causing all sorts of paranoia lately and I wanted to reframe them from being something scary and ominous to being fun and human,” he told The Bold Italic. “It's not about the technology, it's about how we use it."

Zisiadis’ art often integrates technology and humanity. He is perhaps best known for his “Pulse of the City” installation in Boston, an interactive street exhibit that turned pedestrians’ heartbeats into music.



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