Misty Copeland Behind-the-Scenes Video Features Music From Wolf Bradley

Misty Copeland Sunrise Under the Brooklyn Bridge: Favorite Song

Misty Copeland is the inspiration and subject of a my new video collaboration with musician Wolf Bradley, with his band 20 Eyes.

I had captured stunning video footage of a sunrise photo shoot with Misty posing on a Mason & Hamlin grand piano that mysteriously washed ashore under the Brooklyn Bridge, but could never quite find the perfect music to accompany Misty's images -- until this week. Wolf Bradley, who grew up with Misty during her fledgling years as a ballerina, had written "Favorite Song" for her, and just finished the final mix.

Misty interpreted that encounter with so much power and grace that all I could think of for weeks afterwards was a flawless artist dancing effortlessly in this rare setting. I just couldn't find the music to reflect her beauty and make the video come alive.


Through his mother, Cindy Bradley (Misty's first ballet teacher), Wolf shared the song with me. When he laid it over the video it created the perfect flow of imagery and lyrics. Wolf's song really strikes a chord with my "Sunrise under the Brooklyn Bridge" video of Misty. The intimacy of his lyrics and his reference to 'notes' while she poses on the piano is phenomenal.

That intimacy of the lyrics comes from a treasured childhood friendship between Wolf and Misty. Wolf told me:

Misty was like my sister and we were inseparable. The earliest moments in life I can remember are of her; walking me to preschool, tucking me in at night, and, my favorite, dancing all over the house.

I was so young when she first moved in that, along with my parents and grandparents, she was the first form of love and affection I ever experienced. I was watching old films of the two of us putting on ballet performances in the living room and was struck with a very long-lasting feeling of home.

'Favorite Song' is about love in its truest form. When a person can stay in your head for years and years like your favorite song, that's a special thing.

Watch the video here. (My new inspirational book, Misty Copeland Power and Grace , includes an introduction by Cindy Bradley, and Wolf Bradley is currently on tour in California with 20 Eyes. More on Facebook.)