Drop Everything, Misty Copeland Might Be Getting A Movie

We're Already So Excited For Misty Copeland's Movie And It Hasn't Been Made Yet

It's another good day for Misty Copeland fans.The awe-inspiring ballerina, who most recently wowed us with one truly amazing Under Armour commercial, may be getting her own movie.

Deadline reported Thursday that New Line Cinema is optioning a biopic based off of Copeland's memoir "Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina," which recounts her early struggles as a young dancer living in a welfare motel with her family.

Copeland's story is unique in the prestigious ballet world, where 13-year-olds are considered "late-bloomers." It is certainly not a story of privilege, but rather perseverance. From her humble beginnings taking dance lessons at the Boys and Girls club to her current status as American Ballet Theatre's third African American female soloist, she is living proof that no dream is too big. That alone sounds like pure cinematic gold to us.

Learn more about Misty's story in the clip above, and excuse us as we squeal with excitement.

(h/t Jezebel)

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