Misty Copeland To Join Disney's Live-Action 'Nutcracker' Movie

Stay calm! STAY CALM!

Most often, stalking prima ballerina Misty Copeland on Instagram leads to a stream of balancing acts, feats of strength and devastatingly gorgeous ballet moves that will surely make you feel like a garbage human in comparison. Today, however, it led to big news. 

Copeland announced on the social platform Wednesday that she will be joining the upcoming Disney film “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.”

The movie, written by Ashleigh Powell, is, of course, based off the iconic 1816 Christmas story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by E.A. Hoffman, in which a Nutcracker doll comes to life and leads a young girl on a magical adventure to battle an evil Mouse King. 

The live-action film will combine Hoffman’s story with Tchaikovsky’s 1892 ballet, in a project directed by Lasse Hallström, who — fun fact — directed nearly all of ABBA’s music videos. 

According to Variety, Copeland will play the lead ballerina role in the film’s sole dance sequence. Sounds about right.  



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