Misty, Daniel Morrissey Have Criminal Records; Daniel Eyed As Suspect In Iowa Girls' Disappearance: Family

The father of one of two missing Iowa cousins is being eyed as a suspect in their disappearance, a family member told reporters today.

Tammy Brousseau -- the aunt of missing Lyric Cook-Morrissey, 10, and Elizabeth Collins, 8 -- told ABC News that cops are accusing Cook's father, Daniel Morrissey, of being directly involved in the girls' disappearance last Friday.

"[Police] have accused him," Brousseau told the station. "They told him they had proof that he did it."

What proof Brousseau speaks of is unclear. Police are still looking for clues in the case, while Morrissey and his estranged wife Misty -- the parents of Lyric Cook-Morrissey -- fend off police and media scrutiny.

The couple has a long criminal history. Misty was linked to a methamphetamine ring in 2003, and Daniel has had several drug possession and burglary charges since the early 1990s, the Des Moines Register reported.

Since Wednesday, the Morrisseys' phones and computers have been confiscated for evidence, though neither have been charged with any crime in the case.

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Elizabeth Collins And Lyric Cook-Morrissey

Lyric Cook-Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins went on a bike ride from their grandmother's house in Evansdale on Friday and haven't been seen since. Authorities have put all their resources into the search, and are currently draining the 27-acre Meters Lake in the city as they search for evidence.

Heather Collins, Elizabeth's mother, has said she believes the girls were kidnapped.

"I want to say to [the person responsible] that my husband and I have forgiven them," she told ABC's 'Good Morning America.' "God has forgiven them already. So we have forgiven them, and we just want our children back safe and sound. That's all we want. We don't even want to know who the person is."

Elizabeth is described as a white female, 4'1" tall, 65 lbs., with sandy hair and blue eyes. Lyric is white, 4'11", 145 lbs. with brown hair and blue eyes. Anyone with information on the girls' whereabouts is asked to call the Tip Line at (319) 232-6682.

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this article, the Tip Line number for information about the girls' whereabouts was incorrect. It is (319) 232-6682.