Mitch McConnell’s Spectacularly Tone-Deaf ‘Partisan Politics’ Rant Backfires

The Senate majority leader's attempt to slam incoming Democrats doesn't go over very well.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) published an op-ed on Tuesday that slammed the incoming Democratic majority in the House of Representatives for being too partisan. 

It didn’t go over very well. 

In a piece posted on the Fox News website titled “Will Dems work with us, or simply put partisan politics ahead of the country?” McConnell gloated that a “unified Republican government” led to “a period of historic productivity” over the past two years. He also said bipartisanship wasn’t dead and claimed: “some of the most significant accomplishments of this Congress have been delivered with overwhelmingly bipartisan support.”

But then McConnell lashed out at the Democrats taking control of the House following last week’s midterm elections, writing that the message of bipartisanship “may have been lost on a few House Democrats, who have made clear their preference for investigations over policy results.”

“After years of rhetoric, it’s hardly news that some are more interested in fanning the flames of division than reaching across the aisle,” he added.

Twitter then reminded McConnell of his long track record of obstructing President Barack Obama, including his successful blockade of Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland:



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