Mitch McConnell Doesn't Think Draining The Swamp Is A 'Real Concern' Of Regular People

Thousands chanted it at Trump rallies, but the Senate leader doesn't think a lobbyist-ridden government affects their lives.

WASHINGTON ― Donald Trump’s rallying cry for the final few weeks of the campaign was “Drain the swamp!”

It was so effective in his closing-argument rallies that his enormous crowds chanted it when he talked about kicking the lobbyists and special interests out of their corrupting positions of influence.

But asked about Trump’s pledge to drain the swamp recently, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was not grabbing for the buckets.

He said he didn’t think that’s the sort of thing voters want, or that it would affect their lives.

Instead, he ran through a familiar list of GOP agenda items the Trump administration could achieve that he’s been pushing since Barack Obama won the presidency with his own appeal for change.

“We’re going to address the real concerns of the American people,” McConnell said.

Watch McConnell’s dismissal of Trump’s call for draining the swamp in the video above.

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