Mitch McConnell On Rand Paul: 'He's Said Quite Enough' To The National Media

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) insisted this week that his fellow Kentuckian, Republican Senate Candidate Rand Paul, needs to take a hiatus from the press circuit.

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, John King asked McConnell if he had "convinced [Paul] not to show up on 'Meet The Press' this past Sunday, to go dark for a little bit."

McConnell responded that he would advise that Paul spend more time talking to Kentucky voters and less to the national media.

"He's said quite enough for the time being in terms of national press coverage," McConnell said.

Last week, Paul garnered widespread criticism for his comments on the Civil Rights Act and the Gulf oil spill.

But despite McConnell's recommendation that Rand Paul may have spoken imprudently last week, the minority leader remained optimistic about Paul's chances in November.

"Well look, according to the polls that came out after the primary he has a 25 point lead going in to the general election," McConnell pointed out. "He's in a very good position to put this Senate race in Kentucky in Republican hands."

Watch McConnell's CNN interview: