Mitch McConnell Says Republicans Will 'Plow Right Through' Confirming Brett Kavanaugh

"In the very near future, judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court,” the Senate majority leader said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reassured Republicans that Judge Brett Kavanaugh ― President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick currently facing a sexual assault accusation ― will soon take his place on the highest court in the nation.

Speaking to conservatives Friday at the Family Research Council Values Voter Summit, McConnell bashed the former Obama administration, praised Trump and said the “stunningly successful” Kavanaugh would soon be on the Supreme Court.

“You’re all following the current Supreme Court fight, and you will watch it unfold in the course of the next week,” McConnell said. “President Trump has nominated a stunningly successful individual. You’ve watched the fight, you’ve watched the tactics, but here’s what I want to tell you: In the very near future, judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court.”

McConnell was met with a standing ovation.

“So my friends, keep the faith, don’t get rattled by all of this ― we’re gonna plow right through it and do our job,” he added.

Kavanaugh was accused earlier this month by Christine Blasey Ford of sexually assaulting her at a party while the two were in high school.

McConnell added that “we’re not going to get rattled by this, and I don’t want you to get rattled by it.”

Trump has defended Kavanaugh while questioning Blasey’s accusation. He praised the judge as a “great gentleman” earlier this week, and on Friday tweeted that he was a “great man, with an impeccable reputation” while blasting Blasey for not coming forward sooner. (Victims of sexual violence often don’t come forward until years later for a litany of reasons).

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